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Doctors Removed Heaviest Kidney In India

Heaviest Kidney in India

A team of doctors at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (SGRH) removed the heaviest kidney ever reported in India which weighed 7.4 Kgs and 32×21.8 cm. in size. Experts said that a normal kidney weighs 120-150 grams. Doctors added, “to put things into perspective, the kidney weighed more than two human newborn babies combined.”

According to doctors, a 56-year-old patient from Delhi, was suffering from a genetic disorder called Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD). It is a common inherited disorder with 12.5 million cases worldwide. The usual course of this disease is that patient usually progress to renal failure and subsequently need renal replacement therapy in the form of dialysis and renal transplant.

Dr. Sachin Kathuria, Urology Consultant at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, said “The concerned patient started having intolerable pain in his left flank associated with fever & breathing difficulty. We investigated and found that he had internal bleeding and infection within the cysts of his left kidney. It was at this point that we decided to take him up for surgery.”

Dr. Sachin added, “Although the pre-operative scans showed a huge kidney, we did not expect that it would be the heaviest. It had occupied almost the entire abdomen. The patient has recovered well and has been discharged. He is presently on dialysis and awaiting renal transplant.”

Doctors at SGRH mentioned that the medical literature shows two earlier reports of heavier kidneys removed by urologists weighing 9 kg  (USA) and the other 8.7 kg (Netherlands). This is the third heaviest kidney ever to be removed by team of SGRH. Doctors from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital are planning to get this event registered to the Guinness World Records in future.


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