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TheHealth is a start-up based in New Delhi having an objective to disseminate the information related to medical science and healthcare sector.

We, at TheHealth, consist a team of young media professionals and eminent health experts. Our team understand that healthcare issues are not limited to one section of society.

Our reporters on the ground bring out exclusive and latest stories on health topics from most trusted and reliable sources. Every story reported by us talks about conversations, debate, challenges, solutions and tries to aware our readers on health issues.  

Why Health Journalism Matters To Us?

We understand that great storytelling is an integral part of journalism by doing honest and objective news reporting. To us, health journalism is a step to create awareness among the people for their healthy way of living.

India is the second most populated country in the world with the largest numbers of poor and sick. It is said that India is the fastest growing economic country. Still, two-thirds of the indians do not have access to clean water.

Even after seven decades, in India, millions of people are suffering and dying from communicable diseases like tuberculosis, malaria and other infectious diseases.

India’s public spending on health is very low. The health policies are good on paper but their implementation is weak. Health experts put blame of bad implementation of such policies on low public spending in health sector. Though, economists blame it for poor governance.

Why ‘Health’ isn’t a topic of public debate and discourse in India?

India has performed well in other sectors. The system and willpower of the same country almost eradicated polio. It sent the unmanned aircraft to Mars with incredible low cost and hit the headlines in the media.

India has showcased its strength and made good reputation in the world by developing IT industry. But, why the same country finds itself in a difficult position to tackle the challenges in the health industry? Probably, it is because health is not a topic of public discourse in India. There are so many significant questions related to healthcare in India which might not have simple answers.

Having all these challenges in the healthcare industry, we do not see much discourse and debate on health topics in media. Healthcare stories do not get space in mainstream Indian media.

It seems that mainstream media does not see value in health or education related stories. People see health stories making headlines based on seasons. But health must be an utmost important issue all around the year.

TheHealth extends its thanks to the small group of people from health and legal industry who supported this brain-child and encouraged us to make ‘health topic’ a prime focus to be discussed and debated.

You can send your feedback and story ideas to editor@thehealth.today. We request you to give us your support by spreading our stories so that we all together can make health a prime focus too other than politics and entertainment in this country.

To contact us, please see the Contact Us page on this site.