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A Man Burnt Himself Accidently From Alcohol Based Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

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While COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic is there, the market of hand sanitizer has seen rapid growth. People are panic-buying the sanitizer and using it in the absence of proper guidelines. A 44 years old man from Rewari, Haryana burnt himself from alcohol-based sanitizer when he was sanitizing his kitchen area and at the same time his wife was making food. He was brought to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital with 35 % burn injury.

Patient was at home and was sanitizing keys, mobile phone and other stuffs during the cleaning process he dropped sanitizer on his Kurta (long shirt). The fumes from sanitizer reacted to the flames from the gas and within moments his Kurta caught fire. He suffered burn injuries on his face, neck, front of chest, abdomen and both hands.

The patient is being treated by Department of Plastic and Cosmetic surgery at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and his condition is stable.

Dr. Mahesh Mangal, Chairman, Department of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital said, “Although hand sanitizers are absolutely essential, we strongly advise that alcohol-based sanitizers must be used very carefully. The high ethyl alcohol content in the product, up to 62% in some cases, makes hand sanitizer highly flammable. One should never use sanitizers near fire area or any heating place. It should be used in sufficient quantity and let it be dried properly.”

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