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How Meditation Can Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases?

Meditation Can Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases

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Story Highlights

  • Meditation is a primary method to prevent heart diseases
  • Meditation cures the stress which is the root cause of major illnesses
  • The study proved that meditation lowers down the levels of stress, anxiety and depression
  • Meditation helps in relaxing the mind

An international study done by group of American cardiologists in which an Indian doctor was also involved has proved that meditation is helpful in prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

The study was conducted by American Heart Institute (AHA) recently. AHA studied a data on the potential benefits of meditation on cardiovascular risk. The study demonstrated the positive effects of meditation on the brain.

TheHealth had an interactive session with Dr. Indranill Basu Ray, consultant cardiologist at St. Francis Hospital, USA, during International Conference on “Role of Meditation for Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases” organized by AIIMS, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand.

How Meditation keeps Your Heart Healthy?

“Modern medicine is very important. It should be developed. I have saved good numbers of life with the help of modern medicine. But there is a need to adopt other useful scientific methods also. Being a doctor i am supposed to use every method or tool to save my patient’s life,” said Dr. Ray, who is also an additional professor of Cardiology at AIIMS, Rishikesh.  

He further reiterated that it is a high time to accept this fact proven by the study through AHA.

“Meditation is a method to nip the ailments related to the heart in the bud. Once there are complications related to the heart then it is the medicine which plays a pivotal role in a treatment. But meditation is a primary method to prevent heart diseases. Why shouldn’t we adopt a primary method if it brings us positive results in curing heart patients? Meditation cures the stress which is the root cause of major illnesses,” he said.

In this study, Researchers majorly focused on 8 types of meditation practices. Different number of participants involved themselves in these meditation methods. They practiced well known Vipassana meditation (insight meditation); Zen Meditation and Raja Yoga Meditation along with other 8 types of meditation.

The study proved that meditation lowers down the levels of stress, anxiety and depression. It also improved the participant’s quality of sleep.

“A stressful mind can generate serious ailments. Body and mind has its own intelligence to develop stress. For the time being of cavemen, the mind is in the habit of generating stress. It used to generate stress at the encounter of wild animals. Either fight against such animals or get killed. The same amount of stress, the mind generates even today. Though, we do not face such kind of threats in a civilised society now,” Dr. Basu said.

Meditation helps in relaxing the mind. It trains the mind to focus on one thing at one time. It deals with the internal events of a mind. Event does not create a stress.

Health experts suggest that it is the one nasty thought picked up by the intelligence of the mind which comes into action and creates a chain of multiple thoughts in a negative direction. In continuation of such thought process, there is an hypertension which leads serious ailments like heart diseases.

Doctors also say that meditation is the way which fixes the thought process. It ends the never ending process of blaming the unpleasant events around us in day-to-day life.


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